Sergio G. Bogunyà “u solamente” is a Spanish designer born in Catalonia. His training in Architecture and Industrial Design Engineering between Barcelona and Trøndheim (Norway) gives his work a character marked by natural materials and multidisciplinarity. Having also studied Industrial Modeling and Technical drawing, he endows his designs with the mixture of technology and simplicity with the craftsmanship of materials.
One of his first projects as a designer was “# RavalKm0” as an assistant to the Catalan designer Curro Claret, a project of social lines for the manufacture of Christmas lighting for the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, to later be in charge of redesigning the “Zicla Zebra” piece that delimits the bike lane in the same city. During his stay in Norway in 2019, he participated in different projects among which was the designing and manufacturing of a carbon fiber electric car. He worked as member of the “DNVGL-Fuel Fighter” team, which was declared the winner of the “best design” award at the World Cup Shell-Ecomarathon that year. He is a passionate observer of nature and human behavior, which he incorporates in many of his works.
He endows objects with various functionalities in all his projects as well as sustainability and social inclusion.

usolamente. barcelona, 2020.