restos product system is based on a circular economy. In this way the process begins with the obtaining of the raw material, reused of the large number of donations of clothes that will not ever be reached to use again. This is transported locally to squats and the rest of the cycle is already given in these spaces. These squats produce the pieces, assemble the product and use it. Once the product's useful life has finished, it can be disassembled, again obtaining the essentials of clothing used initially for the production of the pieces, which can be reused perfectly and, depending on it, to close the cycle while remanufacturing new pieces.

restos is a product which is capable of managing the order of personal belongings of refugees in shared spaces of the Athens squats. Moreover, it helps on the empowerment of the user as far as he or she participates all across the production system. This system is based on the clothes reuse. The final result is a modular structure which can take different appearances or shapes depending on how is constructed or many pieces are coupled. However, rESTOS is not only these structures, but the process to get to every piece needed to construct everything. This process is based in the reuse of raw materia Is, the production with no resources and the minimization of environmental impacts. Pieces are made with scraps of clothes that are sticked together by a mixture which is mostly made by water, wheat flour and sugar. This process has to be developed in a flat surface and then, every piece has to rest under the sun during 8 hours to get dried. The finish result is a rectangular and thin plaque. It's rigid and resistant, created with a functional purpose, and can be turned into new raw material just by soaking it in water. rESTOS is the structure to keep refugees belongings; restos is every piece or plaque which is needed to construct the structure; restos is the process developed to elaborate every piece; restos is the manual which explains every step of the process; restos is the flat surface, the scraps of clothes and the sticker mixture which is needed to create every piece.

usolamente. barcelona, 2020.